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HMD || contact post

Constructive crit goes here! Let's all just be civil about it. \o7

aim is @ mohjitusstre

[identity profile] serahsourpuss.livejournal.com 2011-10-02 09:12 am (UTC)(link)
Okay, this has been an adventure, let me tell you.

I saw you commenting around ATP and REALLY WANTED TO THREADJACK YOUR PRODUCTIVE THREADS THERE BUT THAT WOULD BE AWKWARD AND PEOPLE WOULD JUDGE ME OR SOME SHIT, so I search memebell's love meme and HMD meme for you and then realized, goddammit, you have an HMD for a reason. SO ANYWAY. Saw your ads for [livejournal.com profile] singularity_rpg about you and your Fenris and it made me miss you two and the DA2 wave and the [livejournal.com profile] thedasdressing shenanigans and baaaawwww, I HOPE YOU GUYS ARE HAVING FUN ;_; YOU JUST ROCK THE FUCK ON, BBS, YOU'RE BOTH AMAZING AND SOME OF MY FAVORITE PEOPLE RPING DA CHARACTERS OKAY SOB


[identity profile] wilywilyways.livejournal.com 2011-10-02 09:25 am (UTC)(link)
When I saw the notif for this comment in my inbox and who it was from, my gut reaction was that brilliant Carver has finally noticed how terrible my Hawke is they must hate me for ruining this character oh god. But now I'm grinning like a big stupid and. Just. Hurrrrrrrrrrr.

LEGIT STARS IN MY EYES. I miss the DA2 wave too, man-- and shenanigans with you and all those other crazies at [livejournal.com profile] thedasdressing is what gave me enough confidence with Hawke to try apping her in a game and now I am having the most joyful blast. You rock on, too. YOU KEEP ON ROCKING.

[identity profile] serahsourpuss.livejournal.com 2011-10-02 09:47 am (UTC)(link)
fjdklaljf NO, NEVER. I legit have a plurk up that is just me asking if it's weird to threadjack an enabling thread on ATP to tell someone I love them with half my cast facepalming at me . I just feel like awesome people should know that they're awesome okay. YOU GRIN, MA'AM, YOU GRIN HARD. YOU DESERVE IT.

Aww, man, it was the best of times. I can totally empathize with the confidence gaining from the stuff at [livejournal.com profile] thedasdressing and just, fff, everyone being so awesome and shenanigans being flung around so freely. SOB NOSTALGIA. I FEEL OLD. YOU GO ROCK LJ'S FACE RIGHT OFF, OKAY.

[identity profile] wilywilyways.livejournal.com 2011-10-03 02:03 am (UTC)(link)
... IS IT WEIRD TO ASK IF WE CAN TRADE PLURK HANDLES or is that a HMD faux pas I'm unaware of ...

(I can't think of much coherent to say beyond GNENEHEHEHAYEEEE HO HO HO HO HO and that this was a delightful kick in the butt to do a canon review of DA2.)

[identity profile] serahsourpuss.livejournal.com 2011-10-03 03:07 am (UTC)(link)
IT IS SO NOT WEIRD. I NEED YOU IN MY PLURK LIFE. ADD ME ADD ME ADD ME! (http://www.plurk.com/Wuzzafuzzle#)

jdfskla lmfao :'D Life is magical.