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Name: Wicke
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Other Characters: N/A

Character Name: Marian Hawke
Series: Dragon Age 2
Timeline: Immediately post-finale.

Canon Resource Link: Comprehensive wiki! That page is Hawke's, but the wiki is a really good resource itself for most everything else.
Character History: (Disclaimer, if I only say 'Hawke' for a name at points, it's always going to be referring to Marian alone! The game never addresses her by her first name, just the last.)

The Hawke family, initially composed of Marian's parents (Leandra, Malcolm) and siblings (twins Bethany and Carver three years her junior) and Marian herself, was a small group who spent most of their time on the run. They fled mage-hunting templars, warriors sanctioned by their country's most prominent religious order to jail and guard all those gifted with magic. Marian, her father, and her younger sister were all three of them mages. To avoid persecution and imprisonment, they stayed one step ahead of the templars at all times. That meant putting down roots in a village here or a village there was an extraordinarily dangerous risk, but they tried.

The Hawke family ran for fourteen straight years, eventually settling in the small town of Lothering. Thanks to their father, Marian and her sister learned to control and hide their talents. He passed away three years prior to the game's beginning, leaving Marian to help her mother support the family as the eldest child. When the game begins, she'd had a minimum of twenty years to practice running, hiding, and providing for a small backwater family unit. They weren't enough to prevent the death of her younger sister.

Marian and co. managed to escape a spread of demonic darkspawn and sail to Kirkwall, a city that would be the backdrop for disaster spanning seven years and beyond. She and her brother spent a year working for smugglers as part of a deal to enter the city, rather than be turned away from the gates of Kirkwall and have no home. It was technically unpaid indentured servitude, and Hawke couldn't be done with their year quickly enough. Her elven employer, Athenril, tried but failed to squeeze more free work out of her than was due. Still, those long months of service introduced Marian and her sibling to a variety of new roles: as thugs, as professional thieves and liars, as less scrupulous individuals going out than they had been going in. The experience would do her well.

As it happened, Kirkwall crawled with templars, and the condition of the mages they kept under lock and key only degenerated as time passed. Although she avoided picking a political corner as much as possible, Hawke took gambles in leaps and bounds in order to escape those shackles. She was desperate enough to rest faith with strange dwarves who insinuated themselves into her life (and stayed there, telling exaggerated stories of her exploits that she either shrugged off or blatantly encouraged), and too lazy in some scenarios to avoid violence and find other alternatives (I.e. not... inviting violence, but not turning away offers of glorified kill contracts if she gave into curiosity or figured it doubled as clean-up. And hey, if she gave them an out and they didn't take it, not Hawke's fault. Right? Right.).

Exceptions, such as the orphan whom Hawke met on paid work from her former smuggler employers and could not resist aiding, were inevitable; a criminal she might've been, but heartless she is not. On the jobs she technically didn't fulfill or 'earn her keep' during, she made up for debatably lackluster contracts by looting the bodies of thugs who couldn't take no for no.

It's important to note that this apparent greed stemmed from the stability coin could grant her family-- stability they'd never been able to afford, and had suffered as a result. She'd been alive two decades with precious few to name as steadfast companions, let alone a handful of sovereigns in her coin pouch. Thanks to a lifetime of fighting to find camaraderie and validation in the ever-present question of, “How am I going to provide for my blood today?” the assembling of a ragtag band of misfits couldn't have been more surprising and welcome in Kirkwall. The coin-fueled circumstances under which she first encountered her companions mattered less than the idea that there more people out there who could tolerate, entertain, respect, and perhaps even (platonically) love her. Throwing herself fully into those friendships compromised her personal safety, but she gladly did it anyway. Unconditionally, for as long as they'd let her mule-headed mouthy ass stay.

Joining an underground expedition to temporarily escape the templars' questions backfired. Betrayed by greed and forced to find an alternate path aboveground, the journey separated Carver from his only living sister. The bittersweet luck of finding a group who could help him survive the 'plague' afflicting him meant losing more of Marian's family either which way.

They'd still found a fortune, something to raise Marian and her mother from squalor. A three year timeskip saw them in a mansion and too wealthy for the templars to touch, suspicions of being a free mage or no.

She'd never stopped looking for approval and validation in strange, random places. An encounter years prior with a bound qunari mage had horrified and fascinated Hawke in equal measure when he refused her offer of freedom and chose to follow the path his Qun dictated... albeit not before he gave her a 'secret thing', an amulet all his own, that she'd kept in a pocket since. She returned over and over to see the Arishok, the commanding presence to whom the qunari stuck ashore in Kirkwall looked, trying his patience but eventually earning his respect.

Wealth, renown, and the few close companions she gathered to her side didn't prevent Leandra's death at the hands of an obsessed blood mage; seeing what blood magic had done cemented the aversion to it already ingrained by her father's tutoring. Hawke couldn't stop that wheel from turning any more than she could abate the violent city-wide uprising not too long afterward. Unrelated-- the ones responsible for the widespread destruction were a marooned people who could not care less about a mage's problems with companionship and loss. She did help crush the Arishok, who gave the order to assault Kirkwall, which ended the whole damn conflict thanks to foreign policy she didn't understand or care about.

And a grateful population, nobles especially, named her the city's Champion. A conveniently untouchable title, considering the woman at the head of Kirkwall's templar population witnessed Hawke perform magic as she defended herself during the attack. Another three years went and Marian milked Champion privileges for all they were worth, nosing into business not her own as she had since trying to be a farmgirl way back in Lothering. Slaying a dragon, saving friends from debtors, rescuing a kidnapped sibling, discovering a cousin... good as diversions. Diversions were Hawke's specialty.

What happened to not be her specialty was preventing a close companion-come-domestic-terrorist-slash-freedom fighter from blowing up a public building. Tensions between templar and mage had only worsened over the seven years Hawke spent in Kirkwall, and Anders (the mage friend who blew up the thing, oops!) capitalized on that and abused her trust in order to spark a cross-continental conflict.

She couldn't end him, even with all the opportunity in the world. That's the way it was with every single person she'd taken up with and called 'friend'.

As the templars prepared to exercise the Rite of Annulment AKA wholesale slaughter of every mage in the city, Hawke finally made the choice to support their right to life and freedom. She and her close group of comrades fought across Kirkwall to make their improbable stand against the city templars.

Saying they 'won' is a debatable choice of words, but they survived. Hawke and co. fled Kirkwall once the dust settled. There was nothing left for her; she had her friends, her rejoined brother, coin, and the clothes on her back. Kirkwall only had more blood, loss and misery to offer.
Abilities/Special Powers: Magic in Thedas subscribes to four schools: Creation, Spirit, Entropy, and Primal. There are subsets as with anything, but these are the basis for all other magics. Helpful hyperlinks to the wiki included!

Creation. The obligatory “heals plox” school. Creation is excellent for healing allies and buffing 'em up, making them faster, stronger, etc. Creation glyphs can ward against oncoming foes.
Spirit. For subtler attacks that cost minimal focus, and off-balancing tactics using an enemy's number against them. Good for countering enemy magic.
Entropy. The phrase “all in the head” means jack squat to the Entropy school, since it specializes in turning the enemy's mind in on itself. Nightmares, hallucinations and whatnot.
Primal. With Primal's powers combined, you, too, can command earth and sky! Exactly what it says on the tin.**

**Knowing how to manipulate two opposing elements serves as the basis for other non-official schools too, e.g. learning to wield fire/water and abuse gravity. Hawke leans more toward offensive spells (Spirit, Entropy, Primal, etc.) than supportive. She can manage a healing spell from the school of Creation, but isn't proficient or super-effective acting as a support mage. “Force Mage” or “gravity is my BFF” is her specialty and what comes naturally.
Third-Person Sample:

“You're not stopping the tale there!”

Hawke pretended not to hear, sitting precariously in a chair not meant to balance on its hind legs. The worst that could happen threatened a bump on the head and a bruised ego, and lightening the spirits of the working lads and ladies crowding her table made it an acceptable trade. Even Hightown's finest couldn't shrug off the creeping dread stealing into every nook and cranny the willfully blind loved to play pretend in. They'd forgotten what commonfolk knew: monsters danced and smiled in the dark.

She relented, continuing, “Sometimes they squalled like fussy children. Or stamped their feet,” and here Hawke flung out a gauntlet as if the whorehouse was a grand theatre. “But you understand, I've never had the dubious honor of seeing for myself. I have friends in low places you wouldn't b--.” Someone at the table picked then to explore the ticklish underside of her knee. She lost her balance, squawking, and would've tipped over like a dumb cow if not for a giggling elf's help.

“Knew you were my favorite.” She noticed straight off their faces were very close, and that she was a very lovely elf.
“'Course yer did, messere.”

She didn't get away with much beyond a 'boop' of their noses and a sneaky peck to one nostril (she aimed for a cheek!) before her very lovely elf let the Champion topple like the very silly idiot she was.

First-Person Sample:

Shit, what? More shit. Enough shit. Why shit on top of, of everything else that's the matter? Bullshit!

[The initial frames of the feed don't show anything visually interesting, unless stables, horse stalls and dirt are popular with this crowd. Dust flies up in a cloud. A perilously clawed gauntlet is flung over the stall, gouging the wood for purchase. Is that blood...? Rust?

The redness shines wetly. It drips. There are shreds of meat caught on points. It's not rust.]

'Bela? [This is a voice hoarse and raw from shouting, and here's more blood, and guts, and spiked armor rising over the stall's edge. Hawke's hair is tousled, matted, caked with nastiness.]

'Bela, blast it, if it's you who threw me into filthy horse manure... come out and giggle to my face, just don't leave me like this. [“Don't tell me I'm on my own.”]