([identity profile] wrote in [personal profile] wilywilyways 2011-10-02 09:47 am (UTC)

fjdklaljf NO, NEVER. I legit have a plurk up that is just me asking if it's weird to threadjack an enabling thread on ATP to tell someone I love them with half my cast facepalming at me . I just feel like awesome people should know that they're awesome okay. YOU GRIN, MA'AM, YOU GRIN HARD. YOU DESERVE IT.

Aww, man, it was the best of times. I can totally empathize with the confidence gaining from the stuff at [ profile] thedasdressing and just, fff, everyone being so awesome and shenanigans being flung around so freely. SOB NOSTALGIA. I FEEL OLD. YOU GO ROCK LJ'S FACE RIGHT OFF, OKAY.

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